Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Genesee Co. Airport - Good - Genesee Co. Nursing Home - Bad

My friend, Chris Charvella sent this letter today to those who are trying to save the Genesee Co. Nursing Home. I hope anyone who reads this will take action.
Thanks Chris for caring.

Our County Legislature has decided that spending $600,000 on a few new hangars at the county airport is more important than the care of hundreds of people a year at the Genesee County Nursing Home.

The county will be building an 8-bay hangar at the airport with sales tax money it has apparently been squirreling away just for this purpose. How many people will benefit from these new hangar spots, you ask? Eight. That's right, eight people who own their own airplanes will have the privilege of renting space from the county. Meanwhile, Jay Gsell an his merry band of misfits aren't willing to spend dime-one on the care of our elderly and indigent.

Until this point I have done my level best to maintain a tone of civility and promote honest discourse with the people at the highest levels of our county government, but seeing this story tonight has made me believe that it's time to take the gloves off.

We are witnessing hypocrisy in it's finest hour and I've had it up to my ears with the sort of intellectually dishonest legislative process that seems to be the norm here.

I need all of you, not just the CSEA members, and not just the folks involved in politics, but EVERY ONE of you to sit down for five minutes and write a letter to the Daily News in Batavia. It doesn't have to be long; believe it or not, a simple sentence will do the trick. As a matter of fact, let's try an experiment. I want you all to go to the letter submission page on The Daily News site, here's the link:


Now copy and paste the following sentence in the letter body field:

Airport: Bad, Nursing Home: Good

Throw in your name and click 'Submit.'

If you can do a simple thing like that to help keep the home public and affordable, I guarantee you that generations of Genesee County residents will thank you and so will I.


Chris Charvella