Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Quiet Life of a Retiree

Checklist starts for busy weekend. 
Laundry - done 
end of month books for the shop - almost done
Pizza by the slice Wednesday paperwork - done 
March posters - done and hung
April poster featuring All Month Long Ice Cream Special - done 
pre trip shopping list - done, now just have to find time to shop :( 
March staffing schedule - done
maps in the infamous green folder - done (note to self, if we ever lose that green folder, we'll be lost forever)
reservations made - done. 
book discussion readers' guide - done
folder to leave at the office for copies - done
Still to do. 
Wish daughter a happy birthday on the 1st
We get back on Sunday.  Monday we'll be at an out of town meeting.  
Folder for that meeting - ready to go.
Estimated departure time?  2pm Friday afternoon
Real departure time - probably about 3:30pm