Monday, July 30, 2012

Knoxville Tidbits

We arrived in Knoxville on Saturday afternoon.  The weather is HOT! 
First things first, find the convention center.  That done, we looked around - registered for the tourney; and ran into a few New York friends.
When I was here for the World's Fair, this building wasn't here.  It is very impressive.
Settled into the room and did little more than soak in the cool air.
We're never lost, just visiting places that are new and exciting.
This should be Bob's motto.  I must say we have explored new ground - far off our beaten path.  Google maps are great for getting us back on track, even if it is only 10 minutes away.
Electronic score keeping is wonderful.
I can't say how much I love the electronic score boards.  It makes it so easy. 
Bringing the Worlds to Buffalo in 2014
This is the reason we are here.  We are talking up Western New York at every opportunity.  The table will be set up on Wednesday and then pictures will be up showing Bob, Diane and Ellie in their buffalo costumes.  I can't wait to see it.
We ran into a couple from Michigan this evening at supper at Applebees.  Great conversation and they had good things to say about our WNY area.  Let's hope that translate into a vote for us.
The real world beckons
Tomorrow, I'll be on a conference call with the BHA.  It is back to reality for a few hours.
So far, no phone calls about the shop.  That is good.
Sadly, we had bad news just before we left about a good friend's cancer diagnosis.  We are praying that we don't get that phone call anytime in the near future.
Is this trip worth it?
It is on many levels.
I'm glad we decided to go. 
More later