Tuesday, January 22, 2013

A New Year

January started out with a bang and hasn't stopped.  I'm still reeling over the generosity and surprises given to me by my kids and grandkids.  It was an amazing birthday.  Then, the first of the year, I began my two year term as President of our residents' council.  After three weeks, I feel I have acquired the hats of a mayor; a mediator; an organizer; and all around jack of all trades. One thing, for sure, it keeps the blood flowing.
To make it more exciting, I am writing our newsletter using a great company, Illustratus (www.illustratus.com).  My Live World friends know that each client has different tools that work with their sites.  So, what's wrong with this picture?  I am now the client and I still have to learn new tools.  I'm just joking, of course.  Whatever stumbling blocks I'm encountering are due to senior moments and not the tools.  I'll figure it out eventually. 
There are things to do away from the complex.  I did get away for a quiet weekend in central NY early in the month.  Then a conference with the Buffalo/Niagara Sports Commission in Buffalo a week or so ago and a retirement party near Fredonia where my friend, Ellen, and I held the table at Euchere for over three hours.
So, January is coming to a close.  It has not been a sleepy month.  Today is icy cold and I plan to spend the day inside where I can stay warm and cozy.  Quite a change from a few days ago when folks were in shirt sleeves.  So goes Western NY weather.