Wednesday, September 7, 2011

AARP House Party

My friend, Pat, and I are planning a house party.  Not just an ordinary house party, but one sponsored by AARP to commemorate 9/11.
The gift box arrived on Tuesday, but I really didn't have chance to take everything out and look it over until today.

Pat and I looking at the door prizes.

We are planning a coffee and goodies hour (actually two hours), a Chinese Auction for the door prizes, and an opportunity to showcase how our guests can help "create the good".
Anyone over 50 is invited to bring a non perishable food item.  In return they will get a ticket for each item they bring.  They can use the tickets for the chinese auction.
All food items will be donated to the Salvation Army's Food Pantry.
We are planning to show several volunteer options that our guests might want to consider.  Gift items for All Babies Cherished and for the residents of our county nursing home.
Pat's mission is to have enough handcrafted Christmas gifts for each resident of one floor at the nursing home.
What originally was a food drive has turned into a three month project to have gifts for babies and our seniors. 
Anyone in our area, who is over 50, is welcome to come to the Towers on Monday, Sept. 12 from 9am - 11am  to join in the fun.  The more the merrier.