Friday, March 16, 2012

From the Ban the Blister Pack File

Ban the Blister Pack File

I am an adult.  I live alone.  I have arthritis which makes opening blister packs difficult.
Currently I am taking an over the counter medication recommended by my doctor.  These pills appear to be sealed for eternity in a blister pack.
I can appreciate child proof containers.  I can appreciate containers sealed so idiots can't access them in an attempt to contaminate to do harm.
I can't appreciate the half hour it took me to get ONE damn little pill out of a blister pack.  Back up, actually it was the second one I managed to free.  The first, slipped out of my fingers and rolled to a safe haven.  I still can't find it.
I know that prescriptions, that come in blister packs, can be had in containers.  I wish the same was true for over the counter.
Color me frustrated.
I will take my scissors; knitting needle and whatever else I need to pry that damn tiny little pill out of it's home for the time when I need to take another.