Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Rest in Peace, Maxine

Saturday morning, I sat by my window and worked on the 400 Towers' News.
A siren pierced the air.  I looked out to see an ambulance leaving our parking lot.
What I didn't know until today is that they were here for my neighbor, Maxine.
She lived on my floor.  One would think I would hear the commotion of the EMTs as they went about their business.  I didn't.
So, it came as a shock to learn that Maxine passed away today.  They rushed her to Buffalo, but this trip would be her last.
Maxine had a green thumb, and a heart of gold.  She loved jewelry, gardening,
 and (I learned this summer) grilled cheese sandwiches.
When I started the newsletter, I never thought about writing about those we lose in our community.  It isn't easy.
Sometime tomorrow, I'll put down my thoughts.  In Maxine's case, they will all be happy thoughts.   I can think of her, free of the wheelchair, reunited with friends and family - dancing and offering them juicy tomatoes from her garden.
She was quite a lady and will be missed.