Sunday, August 5, 2012

Buffalo Wins the 2014 Horseshoe World Tournament

The vote is in!
Buffalo will host the 2014 Horseshoe World Tournament at the Erie County Fairgrounds and Event Center, July 14 to July 26.
What swayed the vote to Buffalo instead of West Virginia or Wausau Wisc. ? 
Most likely it is the on site parking; the on site camping; and the casino.  To top it all, it has to be the proximity to Niagara Falls and the other attractions that make up our Western New York.
This means a lot of work for those of us on the committee and a trip, next year to St. George, Utah where we will staff a table giving pitchers and their families all of the information about WNY.
So, now we can relax for most of today.
Tonight we'll be at a banquet and tomorrow is when Bob starts his three day adventure to winning his class at his first world championship.
So, taking pictures of people falling over the falls paid off.  People loved the pictures and the wing sauce.
The competition was tough (casino chorus girls isn't easy to top).
As plans progress, you'll hear about it here.  Naturally, the public is invited and I hope many of you plan to stop in and catch the action.