Saturday, August 4, 2012

River boat dinner cruise - a great time in Knoxville

We were an international party of 11 on the river boat cruise.  Some from the U.S. and some from Canada...and only ONE who didn't have, what they consider in Knoxville, an accent.
The surprise was our waitress who is originally from Rochester.  Her dad moved them here when he took the early buy out from Kodak in the early 90s.  On our way to the landing, we stopped at a convenience store.  Bob stopped to talk to someone and come to find out she was from Rochester, too.  Small world.
Toughest part of the Buffalo 2014 campaign is convincing people from California that Buffalo isn't that far away.  I figure that there are enough people from NY who are going to Utah next year.  If the NY contingent can do it, those in the western states can certainly make the trip east.