Friday, October 12, 2012

Colder Weather is Coming

I'm sitting at Coffee Culture and noticed that their fireplace is lit.  The weatherman says it will dip below freezing either tonight or tomorrow night.  I guess it is 'tis the season'.
A group of us watched the PBS News Hour last night to catch a glimpse of Kathy Hochul speaking before a group from the Towers.  It is always nice to have her visit, and quite a surprise when she showed up with a camera crew. 
I've been exceptionally busy these last few weeks.  I've decided to run for President of our Council (the election is the Monday before our general election).  I'm trying to finish "To Kill a Mocking Bird", our book discussion selection for October.  I've never read the book and I haven't seen the movie, so it is all new to me.  I'll admit I got sidetracked with two excellent historical novels about the War of the Roses.
Two weekends ago, I attended the Farm to Table dinner at 7 Springs Country Club.  The weather was perfect for that "in the woods" type atmosphere one wants for an event like that. 
Last weekend, I was a guest at the LeRoy Horseshoe Club's end of year dinner at the Red Osier.  The food was fantastic.  The next day,  was a three hour trip east to Groton for a tournament and another great meal at a German restaurant in Weedsport.  Sunday, a two hour trip south for an international Thanksgiving day with Canadian friends. 
This weekend will be quiet.  I have plans to just clean and read.  It is time to dial it down for a few days.
Then it is up and running again.  The newsletter's deadline; lunch with the 60's gals;  and the annual poll coordinator training are all next week.  The following week is the appreciation luncheon for my volunteers. is the first of November and I'll be off for York PA for a long weekend.
It is wonderful to have people one can count on for help.  I'd be remiss if I didn't thank Pat Burke for the pizzas and Loren Penman for the case of water they brought for Kathy's visit.  Both offerings were so very much appreciated.