Friday, November 2, 2012

York, Day 1

York, Day 1
Found out that the event venue is at Memorial Hall at the site of the Pennsylvania State Fair.  It is just a few blocks from the hotel.  History galore on the way there, if only a few blocks.  The colonial complex is easy to spot.
Lunch at The Cove relatively new bar/restaurant well worth the stop.  I had crab legs...perfect.
Then explored Lancaster Co., and because of a slip in directions, even part of Chester Co. (almost to where I lived and worked).  Back on track, through Lancaster Co, and a great dinner at the Family Cupboard Restaurant and Buffet.  Since I've already been to Plain and Fancy; Good and Plenty and Miller's, this sounded like a new experience.  It wasn't a disappointment.  Judging from the way the restaurant filled throughout the evening, others seem to agree.
Starting in the early 60s, our family visited this area many times.  Each time we enjoyed the hospitality of the Stolfus family at their Travelers' Rest Motel.  I was thrilled to see that it is still there, now owned by two Smucker Brothers.
I did receive a few phone calls from friends telling me about the snow swirling around.  Hopefully that will be all gone before I leave on Sunday.