Sunday, November 4, 2012

York Day 2

"From a spectator point of view, horseshoes is like watching paint dry", so said a pitcher from Columbia, PA. 
There were three of us sitting at a table at the Horseshoe Pitchers' Pro Tour.  One lady, knitting a complicated looking scarf,default,pd.html?start=14&cgid=projects-yarnandneedlecrafts-allknit while her husband pitched in his round.  The young man from Columbia who was waiting for his round to come up and myself.
Getting spectators, other than those closely affiliated with the sport, seems to be a daunting task.  Several other events were underway at the Expo center today.  A home show; a doll show; a Christmas tree sale (?) and the pro tour.  While the pro tour event seemed to have a lot of people, the truth is that everyone there was associated with the sport.  Drawing folks from outside that close knit circle is a job that our committee will have to undertake for the 2014 Worlds. 
One of the nice things about traveling is trying new restaurants.  The Reliance Cafe was the find of the day.  Not only was breakfast enjoyed there, but there was a return trip there for dinner.