Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Friends' Night Out March 31

Here we go again.  It is so hard to get our group together for a Friends' Night Out, but Loren had a super idea.  Why not the Garrison Starr performance at Harvester 56?

I think it will be too difficult to get us all together for a supper and the performance.  I'd rather see us all meet at the theater.  We can munch on the goodies and have a few glasses of the bubbly too.
I'm making something, but I haven't decided what yet.  It will be a surprise.

Thursday, March 31
Harvester 56
Garrison Starr
Tickets; $20
This event supports City Democrats, Batavia Players, AND  (Loren reminds us) independent musicians.
It's also the end of Music in Our Schools Month, which Garrison is supporting BIG TIME through her appearance at the March 30th Youth Recognition Dinner and a high school workshop for music students the afternoon of March 31st.
Interested?  Please email me