Thursday, March 10, 2011

Wisconsin Governor Plays His Hand. A Dirty Hand!

For some reason, the actions of the Republicans and Govenor Walker are making me ill.  Not just queasy, but physically ill. 

"Republican senators separated the provision from Gov. Scott Walker's controversial budget bill, removing the requirement that 20 senators be present for a vote on the anti-union measure.

The vote in the Senate was 18-1. Sen. Dale Schultz was the sole no vote. No Democrats were present.
"You are cowards!" spectators in the Senate gallery screamed as lawmakers voted. Within hours, a crowd of a few hundred protesters inside the Capitol had grown to several thousand, more than had been in the building at any point during weeks of protests.
"The whole world is watching!" they shouted as they pressed up against the heavily guarded entrance to the Senate chamber."
These are people who claim to be the more patriotic party; the party that loves to wear that little American flag lapel pin; the party who staunchly advocates family values.  Dare I say, this is the party that stands for truth, justice and the American way?
What happen in Wisconsin was not truth, it wasn't justice and it certainly doesn't reflect the American way.
What happen in Wisconsin was a travesty. 
The only recourse the Democrats have is to go to the Wisconsin AG, who happens to be a Republican.
It seems that the lawmakers violated the Wisconsin Open Meeting Law. 
Yes, the people are protesting, as well they should. 
Yes, it is making me ill.  Fifty years of employee rights are eliminated.  Yet, Gov. Walker claimed that collective bargaining was tied to the fiscal health of the state.  He didn't come out and say he was in the process of union busting.  Today's vote had nothing to do with Wisconsin's budget.  It had nothing to do with the fiscal health of the state.  It had EVERYTHING to do with union busting.
Other GOP governors will take notice of the actions in Wisconsin.  Their mission is to repeat the same in their own states.  Eliminating the unions drys up donations to the Democrat candidates.  Yet, these same governors reap the benefits of the donations by big business.  The GOP war chest overflows from those who benefit from corporate welfare.
Will this backfire on the GOP and their govenors?  I hope so.
Not because of the lack of funding to my party but because Walker and his counterparts are using the very people who chose to make public service their careers.  Union stripping may be the goal of the Republican governors.  Push back and protests may be the answer.