Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Monday, Monday

The Kentucky Derby Party was a smashing success.  I wouldn't even dare take credit for that.  The people I had volunteer for the party, and for the opening of The Summer Diner, are the true stars.
Our version of a diner opened on May 2. 
The tables were set with spring flowers that offset the gloomy Monday morning.  I loved that people coming in for breakfast chose to linger over coffee. 
Our lunch on Thursday also went well.  The choices were a hot dog from the outside grill; a tuna club sandwich; or a beef taco.  The hot dog plate was the most popular meal of the day.
There was no resting on our laurels, we had the Derby party to serve on Saturday.
The ladies came decked in their Derby hats.  They were creations that went from the picture hats to a beautifully decorated lampshade.
The Derby theme, designed and executed by my friend Mary Lu, put everyone in the mood for a grand old time.
Appetizers included spinach balls which were a great hit.  Ham, biscuits, mashed potatoes, baked beans, macaroni salad and a choice of a pecan/chocolate pie or strawberry shortcake kept everyone happy as they waited for the run for the roses. 
While I was sending out the dinners for the Derby I received a call from the Kathy Hochul campaign.
Kathy would be receiving the endorsement of the National Committee to Protect Social Security and Medicareon Monday.  Kathy is running for the NY26 seat vacated by shirtless Chris Lee.  She is the only candidate running who is fighting for the rights of senior citizens.  Would any of the residents be willing to share their experience with the changes in the prescription drug coverage at the Monday event.
I knew the perfect person to ask.  Judy is a volunteer in our Snack Shop.  She is taking sixteen different medications, three of which have no generic counterpart.  When she went to have her prescriptions filled in January she learned that her out of pocket expense had jumped from $15 ($5 each) to a whopping $260.  Judy couldn't afford to get all three so she made the decision to drop two of them.  It was a ill advised choice which landed her in the hospital twice in three months.  It took those three months to get Judy enrolled in a new prescription drug plan. 
Judy and I sat down to figure out exactly how much she is paying, out of pocket, for insurance coverage and prescription co-pay.  The figure floored me.  Her yearly out of pocket is just over $4000 a year.
I sent the information off to the campaign.  We were invited to attend the event and I was asked to tell Judy's story.

Kathy Hochul
So, Monday was a busy day.  We had our Summer Diner breakfast in the morning.  Judy, Eleanor (another resident) and I would leave at noon for Buffalo for the Hochul event.  When we arrived, I learned that I would not only tell Judy's experience but would also open the event and introduce Max Richtman, the executive vice president of the National Committee to Protect Social Security and Medicare to the press and guests.
My Monday to-do list was still waiting for me.  I had to get to the office before they closed at 4:30pm to have posters copied for the Wednesday pizza sale; reprint The Snack Shop's monthly report for Shop and Stock, who misplaced his; and finish my own report for the monthly residents' council meeting held that evening.
Ticking off the to-do list was satisfying.  But, instead of getting it down to zero (my goal), it seemed to be growing.  I had to add the garden club to the list and a new arts and craft project.  My friend, Lin, dropped off three carloads of jewelry making supplies on Saturday morning. The supplies will provide many hours of fun for the creative arts and crafts people.
I went home, after the meeting, fully expecting to go back downstairs for a few games of Wii golf.  Instead, I fell asleep and never woke until 7:30 this morning.
Another day is dawning.  I can't wait to see what it brings.