Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Spring has sprung.

Memorial Day weekend is a thing of the past.  Many of the residents did come out to watch the parade.  The weather cooperated.  We served over 30 people at our impromptu pot luck picnic.  Later in the day, we played shuffleboard and bocce ball.  My shoulder told me when to quit.  I knew I'd be a very hurting unit if I kept going.  Found music from the 50s and 60s that celebrated summer.  It seemed appropriate music for the day.

My friend, Nancy, planned to call me early this morning so we could walk for about 1/2 hour.  I woke up late.  I saw her about 9:30am and asked if she called.  She laughed.  "No, I overslept."  So much for good intentions.  We'll try again tomorrow morning.

The shop and the diner are doing well.  Vacations are taking a chunk out of my volunteer pool.  Tomorrow, for example, I'll be in the shop from 3 to 6pm.  It should go fast since tomorrow is Pizza day.  It will keep me busy.

Tonight, I'll do the prep work for lunch on Thursday in the diner.  The choices are a grilled turkey sandwich with a spinach, artichoke and asiago cheese spread, thinly sliced tomato and grilled onions, the usual hot dogs from the outdoor grill and egg and black olive sandwiches.  The spread is best after it mellows for a few days, so making it tonight will work.

Since I'm going away for the weekend, I'll have to get Monday's breakfast underway before I leave.  The special for Monday is a triple berry french toast bake. 

Things are buzzing at the Towers.  We are working on a plan to use the donated craft supplies.  Our first gathering of the talented arts and craft people is Monday.  I know there will be a lot of good ideas.  We did name our group the GeneSeniors.  We'll be making items to donate; some to sell in our tiny gift shop; some to add to our 'welcome basket' for new residents; and others for decorations for our community rooms.  It should be an interesting project. 

There is a request for an Ice Cream Social.  When I mentioned it to Shop and Stock, his first reaction was, "How much is that going to cost us?".  In the end, he'll go along with it.  We just have to get over his initial rant.   I really believe that an event like the picnic (we supplied the hot dogs, rolls, etc.) and an ice cream social go a long way towards thanking the residents who support the shop and the diner.  It will be fun for the residents to make their own ice cream creations. 

Today is the last day of our May Ice Cream Sale.  It has been a marathon of keeping up with the demand.  Between ice cream and pop, it has kept S&S running.

This is the beginning of another busy week.