Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Royal Wedding and Those Hats!

I didn't get an invitation to my distant cousin's wedding. 
Our common ancestor is a 15th century squire, Henry Spencer, who lived in Northamptonshire, an English county north of London.

His younger son William founded the line that eventually produced wartime leader Sir Winston Churchill and Diana Spencer later to be Diana Princess of Wales.
Descendants of Henry Spencer's older son, John, included Anne Marbury, who moved from Lincolnshire to Massachusetts during the 1600s.
She was later banished for religious reasons and killed by native Americans. Ann Marbury Hutchinson is my 11 great grandmother.
But, had I received an invitation I would have been in deep trouble.  I don't wear hats.  I don't like hats.  I hate to shop for hats.  My disdain for hats is now further entrenched after watching the wedding.
I'm bestowing awards for some of the hats, and uttering comments about others.

The Wicked Stepsisters Award
They may be lovely ladies, but who on God's Green Earth convinced them to leave their palace in those hats?
Did they ever consider those seated behind them? 

If I wear a gravity defying Hat then no one will notice my tummy bulge
The hat might have worked if he didn't call attention to her upcoming event.

Incognito Award

Is she hiding a wart under that hat?
I love the color, the shoes, the dress, the clutch.  Then there is that hat.  Do you ever wonder what all of those uber rich ladies carry in those tiny handbags?

Does she have a beige house too?
I didn't select this picture for the vision on beige, but because it shows Princess Ann.  I missed her entrance and didn't see her in any shots throughout the day.  I even asked a few people if they remembered seeing her and they all said, 'no'.
So, now I know she wasn't snubbed.

My friend, Mark, commented that Britain should have a day like this every year, "Rich People Wearing Silly Hats Day".  My friend, Claire, retorted that WE already have one and it's called The Kentucky Derby.