Saturday, April 30, 2011

Wii Bowlers STRIKE Again

We have a dedicated group of Wii bowlers who show up every day.  Several of them have gone beyond the proficient stage and into the realm of unbelievable.
Dennis Meyers, Jim Beach, Lu Williams
The other morning I got called to come downstairs to take this photo.  Dennis, who has over thirty 300 games, Jim with twelve 300 games, and Lu, with three 300 games, shot an incredible combined total of 34 out of a possible 36 strikes in one game.
Dennis and Jim each bowled 300; Lu bowled a 279.  The following day, Dennis and Jim did it again.

I usually try to get down in the evening to bowl a game or two or get into a Wii golf game.  My high, in bowling, is a 289.  My golf attempts are sporatic to say the least.  I did have a hole in one earlier in the week.  That seems to encourage me to keep trying.  I will say that there are a lot of helpful hints throughout the game.  Most of them seem to come AFTER I have made a bad shot or judged the distance poorly.

We have Tiger Woods' Golf on the Wii as well.  That games bumfuzzles me.  I played with Dennis the other morning.  He has mastered the game.  Me?  Not so much.  I end up saying words I didn't know I knew.

The Wii games are fun.  They attract a great group of people who show up almost everyday to try to improve their skills.  It is a low impact exercise for some of the seniors.  It is great to enhance hand/eye coordination.  We have several wheelchair bound players who do exceptionally well on games they normally couldn't play.

What I have learned is that the men take it far more serious than the ladies.  We women will do our best, but also socialize. The men?  O M G!  You'd swear that they were playing for the crown jewels.
Especially in Wii golf.  We ladies know a secret to beating the men.  They haven't caught on yet and we aren't about to tell them.  There is a hole that has one shot that will save a few strokes.  It has to be a precise shot or the ball will go out of bounds. 
We know that the men will go for that shot almost all of the time.  If one tries it, then the rest will follow.  It's a man thing.
It is hit the ball, go out of bounds, swear!  Hit the ball again, go out of bounds again, swear, etc.  Finally, it is hit the ball, go out of bounds, swear and then come up with a myriad of excuses why it isn't working.  Too far to the right; too far to the left; the controller is acting up; batteries need changing; someone talked while I was hitting the ball; someone walked in the door...the list goes on and on.
In the meantime, we ladies will play it safe and take the long way around to the hole.  We aren't beating the men, their competitive spirit does it for us.  :)