Monday, April 18, 2011

From Newsletters to Gardens to NY26 and other things.

The Sunday Blog on Monday

Can you tell it was a busy weekend?

Today was busy too. The days seem to run into each other.
  • The newsletter is finished and off to be printed.
  • An 'interest sheet' is completed. Looking for interest from the residents for Friday night trips to Dwyer Stadium for the Muckdog games and fireworks.
  • Wilcox Mini-Bus has comfortable transportation and is wheel chair accessible. There has been requests for this in the past. Looking forward to see how many still want to go.
  • Completed my volunteer roll call. We have 49 volunteers who cover a myriad of services. They will be honored at a picnic on July 17.
  • Made several phone calls for the Genesee Co. Democratic Committee and played phone tag with Clor's market for most of the day.
  • Briefly my friend, Brenda, and accepted a donation of books and videos for our library. This is such an appreciated gift. Our librarian was thrilled.
  • Gave 'shop and stock' two new contacts for products for the shop. Waiting to hear if he talked to them.
  • Wrote two proposals for the council's consideration. One for future trips and one for the small freezer we need in the shop.
  • Spoke to the new chair of the garden committee. I have to find time to sit down and talk to her sometime this week.
  • Added a new volunteer to the Summer Diner. He will be our outdoor grill man for Thursday lunches. (big sigh of relief).
  • Found out that one can make a cupcake with a Cadbury egg inside. Sounds delicious. I wish I had time to make some.
  • Made the posters for J.D.'s Ice Cream Special Month.
  • Talk to favorite daughter over the weekend. She is still suffering with whooping cough going on her sixth week. The doctor is telling her, and one of my nurse friends agreed, that it can take six months or more to get rid of it. In the meantime, she has two newborn grandsons that she can't see.
  • I noticed that my stalker visited this site over the weekend. That is okay, all are welcome :)
  • Working on a bi-partisan information night with the candidates for the NY26th seat.
  • The weather is unpredictable. Snow, rain, wind, and more snow. I know it will break soon, but just not soon enough.