Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Easter Sunday and other things

Easter was a quiet day. 
I went out to dinner for Easter. No cooking; no fuss; no muss. I chose to go an untradional route, no ham, no turkey, no roast beef. A refreshing seafood plate just hit the spot.

Planning for opening day of the Summer Diner seemed to take center stage.  It is still a work in progress.  Our first event is breakfast on May 2.  The menu is set and the shopping list is made.
The first lunch is May 5.  It dawned on me that it will be Cinco De Mayo.  We should have something on the menu to celebrate that day.
So out came Pedro!
Pedro will be serving beef tacos with all the fixings. 
For those who prefer something different, we will have a choice of either a tuna club or a hot dog from the grill.
We sat down to make out the final grocery list for the diner last night. My good friend, Lu, will do the majority of the shopping.   She has her list and the money and should come back this afternoon with goodies for the freezer, refrigerator and the pantry (of which we have very limited space). 
I have my list which will be filled on Friday.  Between the three of us who have lists we should be in good shape. 
While I'm trying to keep the shopping concentrated on the current week, we did decide to purchase some items in bulk.  Those will hold us for the entire summer.  Ergo, the first week's shopping list is long.  As with everything, start up is expensive.  This is no different.

On May 7, we'll have our Kentucky Derby party.  The ladies are very secretive about their hat creations.  I can't wait to see what they come up with.

The Snack Shop will be closed for Memorial Day.  I'm sure the staff will enjoy their long weekend.
Looking through cookbooks for ideas for the diner has been interesting.
I happen to turn a page and found a recipe for a game pie.  According to the cookbook the recipe dates back to the early 1800s and was found in the attic of an old home.
The list of ingredients included 2 rabbits (dressed) and a duck (dressed). 
Then the shocker.  It also included one can of chicken stock and, the kicker, one package frozen pastry puff.
I did the literary version of a double take.  An authentic 1800s recipe?  I think not.