Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Snack Shop Has Run Out of Freezer Space

Calling Out for Help! - Beginning April 20 - Ending April 30.

The Snack Shop
Our not for profit Snack Shop is open six days a week, 12 hours a day.  We offer a variety of snacks, including Kutter's cheese and juices, at very low prices.  Senior citizens live on a fixed budget.  Our goal is to help them stretch their budget so they can afford the occasional treat.
We pack over 100 items in our very small space. The refrigerator is full to capacity with pop, juice, water, and cheese.  The small freezer section has ice cream, Lean Pockets, and breakfast sandwiches. 
Our shopper and stocker is constantly running to the store for more ice cream, especially now that the spring is here.  He is storing extra frozen items in his own freezer for lack of freezer space in the shop.
We are in need of a freezer that will fit into the small space we have. 
I found an apartment size freezer that would fit.  It is just the right size, easy to access by our senior volunteers, and will hold quite a bit of ice cream and other frozen items. 
We're getting our freezer!  Sometimes it is good to have a wish list :)