Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sunday Night Thoughts

The air is very still right now.  The calm before the storm?  Perhaps.
We enjoyed a wonderful Sunday.  The weather was balmy, for us, at this time of year.  You can tell they removed the ice boom from Lake Erie.
A friend called about supper time to invite me for a ride in the country.  It was fun watching people enjoying their time outdoors.
We passed an ice cream place that was jammed pack with cars.  A sure sign of spring.

On the political front, Kathy Hochul our candidate for NY26, visited Scratch Bakery and D&R Depot on Saturday.  Scratch Bakery is one of our vendors in the shop.  I loved the picture they posted of the visit.
Mary Margaret, NY26 Candidate Kathy Hochul, Mary Margaret's amazing hubby, Scott

Speaking of the shop.  We are gearing up to provide meals for the residents this summer.  It has been so much fun pouring over recipes for the breakfasts and lunches we will serve.  We can think out of the box since this is a short term project.  Come fall, I'm sure the residents will be thrilled to see the regular volunteers come back to the kitchen. 
The shop seems to be selling a great deal of ice cream, even when the temperature was hovering around freezing.  With the weather warming up we are stockpiling more frozen treats.  Even I got into the shopping thing, yesterday, when I made a mad dash for cones.  It was convenient for me to get them since the store was close to the hair salon where I got my hair cut.
We are looking forward to the Kentucky Derby.  The shop is sponsoring a Kentucky Derby Party.  I had no idea how much is available online for the derby.  We have official 137th Kentucky Derby plates, napkins and mint julep glasses.  Now, the secret is to get the residents involved in the party.  Some of the ladies are already designing hats to wear.  That was a positive sign. 
Then the other shoe dropped.
I had a friend tell me that she had several residents ask about the party.  They wanted to know if it was a car race!  A car race???  Okay, I've said it before, but it bears repeating - do these people live under a rock?  This event has gone on for 137 consectutive years.  137 years!  It was an established race when all of them were born. 
Well, maybe food will bring them in.
We are serving
potato salad
and a choice of either pecan pie or strawberry shortcake
I found a recipe for a non alcoholic mint julep in keeping with the day.
More later about the Kentucky Derby Party.

My hiatus from the shop is coming to an end.  I go back to the daily grind the first of May.  I didn't realize how much I needed this time away.  Three months flew by and I didn't accomplish half of what I hoped to do.  
The right knee is still giving me problems.  It is a work in progress, I guess.
The next few weeks will be busy.  We are looking for a spot for our container gardens.  The spot we had last year (as well as the permanent plot we hoped to have) will be used as a staging area for work on the roof of the east wing.  We'll be scouting for a temporary spot for our containers.
We have another wii bowler who joined the 300 club.  I ordered a shirt for him and it should arrive tomorrow in time for the meeting tomorrow night.
The May newsletter is half done.  I have to get that finished.
Our fundraising group, for the county committee, should have an idea of what we will be doing between now and election day. 
I have to make sure that my calendar is clear for May 17 and May 24 since I'll be an election inspector on both days.  Sometime, before then, I have to cast my absentee ballots.

I hope you had a grand Sunday and look forward to a wonderful week.