Friday, June 3, 2011

Money Laundering

It started out so innocently.   I wrote a check and put it in the bank bag, taking out matching funds to cover a few shopping needs.
That evening, while S&S was figuring out the books for the day, he asked "what's with the check?".
I went through a long and rambling explanation.  "I understand all that, but why did you write the check to these people?".  I looked at the check and realized that I mistakingly wrote it out to the wrong place.
"No problem, I'll go up and replace it with another one."
So, up I went to get the check.  While I was there, I grabbed a basket of laundry to throw in the washer.
I dropped off the check and went to start my laundry.
While I waited to put the clothes in the dryer, I went into the community room and played a fast game of Wii bowling.  The game ended just when the washer stopped.   I took out the clothes and came up with a clump of wet paper.  I thought I may have left a napkin in a pocket.  A few more clothes and I felt something hard in the next shirt.  Out tumbled my wallet.  Everything in it was soak and wet, including the money.  Carefully, I removed the rest of the laundry.  No more surprises, so I started the dryer and went upstairs to lay out my wet documents to dry.
A hour later, I opened the dryer and took out the lint trap.  I've never seen that much lint in that trap.  It was almost like a single piece of fuzzy material. 
I retrieved the clump of wet paper and started to peel away the layers.  Then I realized what I did.
My wallet and checkbook were sitting on the clothes.  When I dumped the clothes into the washing machine, I dumped both the wallet and checkbook in too.  Thus, I'm guilty of laundering money.

On a more pleasant note, the turkey sandwich was a big hit for today's lunch in The Summer Diner.
The spinach, artichoke hearts, and asiago cheese gave it a subtle flavor and the grilled onions (I sauted them with bacon cut into cubes) made the dish.  I'm already getting requests to have it on the menu again.
Another menu item was egg and black olive sandwich served with a tall glass of iced limeade.  We sold out that one.  The last item on the menu was a Ballpark beef frank done on the outdoor grill.  That is always a favorite.