Friday, June 10, 2011

From the "Making a Phone Call For No Legitimate Purpose" File

Making a Phone Call For No Legitimate Purpose File

Remember reading about my friend, Chris?
Chris had a rather odd event at election time last year.
He found a political sign on his property for a candidate he did not endorse nor support.
Chris was upset that someone would place that sign and wrote a blog about it.  In his blog, he gave the person he suspected of placing the sign a humerous name. 
Within the next day or two, he found a new sign on his lawn that was autographed with that humerous name.
That person happens to be a Genesee Co. Legislator.  His contact information is easily found on the Genesee Co. website.  Chris called him and thanked him for reading his blog.
On election day, Chris was handcuffed and arrested for making a phone call with no legitimate purpose.
This comes from the file cabinet:
Today, almost a year later, Chris was in court. covered the hearing:
Just thought I'd keep you updated on this ongoing saga that is wasting Genesee Co. taxpayers money.