Sunday, June 12, 2011

Who Are You?

I often wonder who is checking on my site.  The report only tells me the country (and, in the US, the city or town). 
In many cases, I can figure it out by those who come in through Facebook.  These are people who are my FB friends. 
Sometimes, when it shows that the person came from another site, I won't know who it is, but I know we share common interests.
Quite often someone just stumbles on it while searching for something else.  I'm sure they don't plan to stop in Genesee Co.
A visitor from Darien Center, right here in Genesee Co. has me stumped.  Whomever it is doesn't come from FB; and they aren't just 'searching'.  They are looking for "bataviablogmistress", so they must know who I am.  I can count on one hand the number of people I know from that end of the county. 
So, it becomes a puzzle to be solved. 
What I know:
The person is either an early riser or works nights. 

The visits come at the ungodly hour between 4 and 5am. 
Could it be a dairy farmer having their early morning coffee before milking?  Do I know any dairy farmers in Darien Center?

Could it be someone who works nights and spends their lunch break on their laptop?  Do I know anyone from there who works nights?

Maybe, it is just someone who - like me - has a hard time sleeping through the night and uses that time to check out different sites.  That is a strong possibility. 
For example, I know someone who just bought a car.  There is a problem with the a/c, so this morning - very early this morning - on a hunch - I looked up adjusting a/c for that class vehicle.  The first site I found described the problem to a T, the a/c is pushing out frigid air on the passenger side, but not on the driver side.  The solutions ranged from an easy fix, reconnect a sensor under the hood, to the very expensive replace the a/c programmer.  Between the easy fix and the expensive replacement of the unit was a detailed explanation describing how a tech could remove the dash and repair the problem.  Knowing this would help someone when the vehicle is brought in for repair.  An informed consumer thing.
I hope it helps.
Anyway, whomever you are in Darien Center, please say 'hi, that early morning person is me' the next time we meet. 
My top countries with hits of twenty or more?
United States, Slovenia, Germany, Canada, United Kingdom, Vietnam, Russia, France, Denmark, Netherlands.
I had a person from the UK read about beef on weck.  She watched the Charlie the Butcher video and commented that she wasn't sure about the safety of the sandwich - or Charlie for that matter.  Why was he wearing a hard hat to make a sandwich?  Good question.

My friend, Jane, in Australia teases me about some of my menu items for The Summer Diner.  They are foreign to her, even with her American son in law helping to describe them.  The most recent was the "slider". 

Have a wonderful Sunday :)