Saturday, June 11, 2011

Alexander's Fire Dept Band. Always a Treat

Alexander's Fire Dept Band gave the residents of 400 Towers a full blown concert that lasted over a hour after they marched in the St. Joseph's Parade. They are such a talented group. For those in the know, they did a great job with The Thunderer even though they didn't have a trombone in sight. They had a right handed baritone player and a left handed baritone player, which matched perfect, like bookends.

This young man could certainly have a part in any production of Music Man!

Five, count them, Five Sousaphones (but no trombones) 
The percussion, as usual, had fun.
I wish you could see this guy twirl those sticks

I'm a sucker for 'real' marching band music.  I enjoyed listening to Byron/Bergen and Pembroke's bands, but I still prefer a Sousa march in a parade.  I still hum the low brass part of any piece that is played.  I guess I always will.
There was a new band that led the parade, I have the guy's card.  They have an eight piece big dance band that I would love to get for our Christmas party.  I'll have to pin a note on the wall to remind me to call him.