Thursday, June 9, 2011

Anthony Weiner and the Stupid Pill

The Stupid Pill

I'm not sure where one goes to get this special pill, but politicians seem to have a direct line to the dealer.

I can remember, a few months ago, singing the praises of Anthony Weiner to my friend, Dan. Dan is far more politically savvy than I'll ever be and he didn't seem to share my enthusiasm.

I pressed on about what a bright star Weiner was and I could see a successful future for him.

As we all know, Weiner took the stupid pill.

He isn't alone. Bob Livingston (the man who could have been the GOP Speaker of the House), while pushing for President Clinton's impeachment and resignation, was having an illicit affair. His replacement, Vitter, who ran on family values, was one of the Washington madam's customers.

Clinton took the stupid pill. Livingston and Vitter swallowed it whole.

It behooves me to understand what possesses men,in the public spotlight, to jeopardize their reputations and political careers by ingesting that stupid pill.

We just had an election that sent Kathy Hochul to Washington to take Chris Lee's seat.

Ah, Chris Lee. He took the stupid pill, then went to Craiglist to solicit sex. By the way, where is he now?

Should Weiner resign? I'm torn on that question.

Weiner did the unthinkable. He lied to the press. He had them eating out of his hand for a long time. They liked him and they trusted him.

He broke that trust. The press; the talking heads on cable tv; and, of course, the right wing radio personalities went for blood.

Politicians are human. Humans make mistakes, some more serious than others.

Our puritan instincts want to shun any politician who breaks their marriage vows. It shows a character flaw that is difficult to forgive. We've learned, over the years, that it is part of the poltical game to be 'shocked' by the news that a politician took that stupid pill. We've learned, over the years, that the same politicians who are calling for the head of one 'outed' are also gobbling the same pills.

No doubt, each of them believes that they can govern dispite that character flaw. Perhaps they can. Since we don't know how many are on the stupid pill, we'll never know.

Anthony Weiner has a lot to think about.  What his future holds and how he conducts his life are decisions only he can make.