Monday, April 2, 2012

Root Beer Floats, Ice Cream, and Hot Dogs

Summer is coming and the shop is gearing up for a fun and busy season.  Today we started our ice cream special.
All ice cream products are at a discounted price for the month of April.  This promotion is always a winner.  There is no reason not to think that it won't be again this year.
The root beer and orange float promotion starts in April and will continue through the summer.  This is a gamble on my part.  The floats went well, last summer, when we ran The Summer Diner.

The question will be if we can transfer the interest to The Snack Shop.  The weather certainly didn't cooperate today.  The temperature hovering around freezing was hardly an invitation to buy a float.
Root beer floats seem to be the most popular, but I'm hoping the orange floats will sell well too.
We already have Pizza by the Slice Wednesday and starting, soon, we'll be offering Hot Dog Tuesday.
Not just any hot dogs, but Zweigle Red and White hots fresh from the grill.
The object is to make The Snack Shop THE place to go for summer treats.  It can be ice cream, pizza, floats or hot dogs.  All of the things that make for a fun summer.