Thursday, April 26, 2012

Weather, Farm Hands and other things....

The Weather Channel's models for the 'historic' April storm were a tad off.  We did get the snow but not the wind that would have made the beginning of the week miserable.
That said, the week did bring great surprises.
At our last book discussion we decided to extend our season by one more month to read Tom Rivers' "Farm Hand".   Tom is a local author and his book has generated interest for quite some time.  We will host Tom at our May discussion group.  It is always fun to have the author discuss the book.
 If you have followed our book selections, I recommend "Farm Hans".  Feel free to add your comments on my Facebook page.  Always great to hear what you think.
Tom Rivers

Tuesday, I was a poll coordinator for the Republican Primary.  The ladies with whom I had the pleasure of spending the day were delightful.  That is a good thing since the Republicans really weren't all that interested in coming out to vote.  
Participation was dismal, to say the least.  We had exactly 30 people come in.  That was a good showing and the only reason it was that good were the children!
The polling place was at a school that had a second grade event in the afternoon (parents stopped by and voted as an after thought)/  That evening, the school's PTA met and we picked up a few more.
Howard Owens,stopped in during the afternoon.  One place he stopped just before that had no one come in.  Later that evening, I learned that the site I was originally assigned only had two all day.   
The weather did postpone our Hot Dog Tuesday.   There was no way I would send our grill man out into the snow to grill hot dogs.  So, it is scheduled for Friday.  Hopefully, the hot dogs will go as fast as they did last Tuesday.  We started serving at 11:30am and we were sold out at 12:24pm.  If we can do that again then everything will be cleaned and put away before I leave mid Friday afternoon for the weekend.
The weather promises to be sunny but cool for Alan, the grill man.  The only SUNNY day predicted for the next few days.
Which brings me to the weekend weather.  Friday is supposed to be clear and dry.  Perfect travel weather.
Saturday will be cloudy and cool.  Deciding what to wear for an all day outdoor event is an exercise I hate.
My pile of warm clothes keeps growing as I listen to the forecasts.  
The first order of outdoor business is a meeting where I will give a presentation on fundraising.  I'll look like Nanook from the North in that outdoor pavilion.  After the day's activities there is a steak dinner (also at the outdoor pavilion) and after that another meeting for the project committee.  I hope that one will find itself in a warm cozy restaurant or even back to the hotel.  
Enough for now, I just remembered to look for my Alaska socks that will keep my toes very warm.  The pile just keeps growing.