Sunday, February 20, 2011

Happy Sunday - John Glenn and another important guy named John

Today is the 49th anniversary of John Glenn's flight into outer space.  I remember watching it unfold that day.  I also remember being very pregnant and a little disappointed when the doctor told me that the baby probably wouldn't arrive for another two weeks.
That evening my Mom made chili and invited us for dinner. 
Normally, I can either take or leave chili.  That evening it seemed exceptionally good.  That should have been the first clue.
We went to bed shortly before midnight.  Right at midnight, or just a few minutes after, I went into labor.  Three hours later, on Feb. 21, my son, John Douglas, arrived.
So much for waiting another two weeks.
J.D. decided to enter this world between the historic flight of John Glenn and George Washington's birthday.  I'd say that wasn't bad company.
J.D. is a loving helpmate to his wonderful Deb; adoring father to his son, Doug; big brother to Sue, Eric, Bill and Jim;  a talented musician,  artist, cook, and possesses a wicked sense of humor.  He led the parade (no pun intended) of siblings  in the school band program.
Speaking of parades, I missed his first one.  He marched with the St. Joseph's Little Drum Corps for the St. Joseph's lawn fete.  J.D's brother Jim was born the day before the parade.  I remember hearing the music from my hospital bed.
Who would have guessed that parade would be the first of hundreds? 
I don't know when J.D. made the decision to audition for the Air Force Band.  Maybe it was the summer between his junior and senior year in high school.  He spent that summer in Germany as an exchange student sponsored by the Lion's Club.
He entered the Air Force as a young 19 year old playing in the Band of Flight at Wright Patterson AFB.
Unlike many people who join the armed services, J.D. seemed to have found a home at WP.  He was there for over ten years, both as a musician and as a sound engineer.
He retired from the Ari Force while stationed at Elmendorf AFB in Anchorage, Alaska.
So my eldest is just THIS side of 50.  He embarked on a second career and is still living in Anchorage.
Today is a day of memories.  A day to regret the mistakes moms are known to make and to revel in the knowledge that, despite the mistakes, he (and his brothers and sister) grew up to be wonderful, caring adults.
So many memories.
J.D. sitting in a tree eating a spaghetti sandwich (long story!).
J.D. flirting with the elderly ladies, in the audience, as he sang and danced in Damn Yankees in dinner theater.
J.D. marching straight and tall and looking like he was 7' tall.
J.D. drawing stick lions all over his bedroom and closet walls.  When we painted that room, we kept one section of the closet unpainted to keep the lion.
J.D. and I going to Buffalo to buy a new trombone.
J.D. giving the toast to my parents on their 50th wedding anniversay.
J.D. giving the touching eulogy at my father's funeral.
J.D. and the 10% off ice cream day - which is coming up!
There are so many.
Happy birthday, J.D. Hope you have a great one.