Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Why You Don't Always Read What I Have in the "You Just Can't Win" File

You Just Can't Win File

Yesterday was a confusing day.
I'll admit that I started today's blog with a story about people who are stubborn, careless with words and actions, and just plain disagreeable.  We all know people like that, how we handle them or the situations they create can be difficult.
Last night, it took about a hour to write.  When I finished it, I placed it in draft form so I could mull it over this morning.
I knew, even then, that it would never make it to this blog. It was a good way to vent and let out all the frustrations of the day. I deleted the draft this morning.  The "You Just Can't Win" file was closed.  At least, for now.
Besides, no one really wants to read an entire blog about situations that will never change.

I have a poster on my wall that states, "Change the things you can and change your attitude about the things you can't". It is good advice.
Someday, when the day's events don't seem so important, I'll tell the story and inject the humor in it.
Not just yet.