Saturday, February 5, 2011

Super Bowl Eve Day Musings

Dallas won the honor of hosting the Super Bowl because the NFL doesn't like to have the event anywhere there is an open stadium and cold weather.
Gee, maybe they should rethink that.
Football is a cold weather sport.  It is at it's best when the players are challenged by the elements.
Just dreaming, but if Buffalo ever got the opportunity to host it then the players, the fans, and the media would be treated to a fun experience.
The stadium is located in the "southtowns", notorious for lake effect snow.  But, this time of year the possibility of lake effect is dim.  So, there would be no problem getting there.
This area has many good restaurants as well as a plethora of blue collar eateries and bars that would treat their visitors like royalty.
We often have a thaw and warming trend this time of year.  Quite possibly on game day, this year, we'll be in the 30s.  Perfect weather for football.
I find it hard to believe that the players can't handle the cold.  We watch them, week by week, playing in snowy conditions wearing short sleeves.
Many of them sport long tresses that would keep their heads' warm under those helmets.
Western New York is an economically depressed area.  The Super Bowl would give a needed shot of income to our area.
While, I'm dreaming, maybe we should combine our resources and try to get the Olympics too.
But, back to reality.
The super bowl party plans are underway.  I don't believe we'll have many people actually stay for the game.  They come in to eat, then leave.  That's okay.  There is a core group that will stay to watch the game. 
For me, I'm hoping to go to a euchre tournament in the afternoon and arrive just before the game is aired.
My killer salsa is already made.  So it will be a matter of getting home, grabbing it and head right to the party.
I'm torn as to which team I'd like to see win.  I should be rooting for the AFC Steelers.  Yet, I have always liked Green Bay.  I guess, in the end, I'll be a Packers' fan for the day.
My numbers for the game are dismal.
NFC                                     AFC
   5                                           4  Same numbers on two boards
   6                                           6
   7                                           1
   0                                           4
   4                                           4
   6                                           4
   5                                           5
   4                                           2
   3                                           1
   0                                           9
   2                                           9
   5                                           8
They don't look promising.
Enjoy the day.