Monday, February 7, 2011

Super Bowl Party - A Big Success

The super bowl party was a great success.
40 people came together for good humored ribbing; good times; and enough food to feed a small army.
Steeler fans brought their towels, but it didn't help.  The Packers' fans came prepared to cheer on their team. 
The commercials were fun to watch.  I think we all agreed that the dark vader little boy trying to use 'the force' on things around the house was the clear winner.  We also liked the promo for House with Dr. House as Mean Joe Green. 
The half time, as usual was a disappointment.  The National Anthem was butchered.  Why can't they find someone who will just sing it without embellishment?
My numbers, as I suspected, didn't even come close to the score of the game. 

This is a busy Monday. The final plans for Thursday's Valentine party should be finished today. Mary Margaret, from Scratch Bakery in LeRoy is making a cake for the event. Geoff Clough will entertain.

Time Warner will call today and we'll discuss the proposal for installing wi-fi in the community room.
This is a project I've worked on for some time. There are many residents who have laptops but rarely use them. With wi-fi access, they can come down for informal classes.

I'll be filling in as the hostess for our euchre tournament.  That is always a fun afternoon.  There will be a literal feast on the snack table. There are a lot of leftovers from yesterday's party.

It will be my pleasure to distribute the winnings from yesterday's party.  The big winner didn't attend the party.  I'll try to contact him today to let him know that he won.

Have a wonderful Monday.