Friday, February 11, 2011

Valentine Confusion, Or How the World Can Turn Upside Down

Tonight was bingo night.  Almost all of the players were there.  The scene set.  Action!
We watched with amusement as the caller took his place.  His girlfriend sitting right in front of him, facing him.
Across from her, a self proclaimed lothario.  He spent the evening lavishing attention her.  Sitting next to him is the lady who follows lothario around like a puppy dog.  The caller, quite aware of what was happening looked a little upset, but he went on with the business at hand.
The last person isn't there.  She believes she is ruling the caller's life from a distance.  Her phone calls send him scurrying out of the room so he doesn't have to say he is spending time with his neighbors and friends.
So Valentine's day is approaching.  The candy, flowers and cards will be crossing each other as this group works to impress each other with their declarations of affection.
Caller to distant lover, "It was always YOU".
Caller to girlfriend, "YOU are the person I should have married."
Lothario to Caller's girlfriend, "I can make you feel good."
Lothario's puppy to Lothario, "I love you and I'll always be here when you are bored."
Lothario to puppy, "I'll call you when I have time, you can make me supper."
Caller's distant lover, "Be there when I need you."
Caller's girlfriend, "Make sure you bring the beer."
Talk about a never ending circle.  
All in all it was a fun evening to watch all this unfold.