Friday, November 19, 2010

400 Towers' Pool Tournament

Last night I wore a different hat. Twice a year I am the Pool Tournament director for 400 Towers.
It is an easy job. I have the brackets in front of me and just tell the players who they will play against and when.
It seems that the same good players win every tournament. Dennis Meyers has been in the first spot for a couple of years. Bob Clark is the bridesmaid, coming in second for at least six tournaments.
The real story is Dan Grentzinger. Dan has played in every tournament for the past three years. In each one, he was eliminated in the first round. Last night, Dan came in third. Quite an accomplishment.
Nine players vied for the six prizes awarded. Top winners, Dennis Meyers (1), Bob Clark (2), Dan Grentzinger (3)
Pictured left to right, Dan Grentzinger, Dennis Meyers, Bob Clark.