Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Friday

I will never understand the thrill of getting up at some early hour to shop.  Then, again, I don't like to shop so I'll never be part of that early morning mob.
Shopping in crowded stores stifles me.  I find myself throwing out the list and leaving a cart in the middle of an aisle as I walk out of the store empty handed.  I'm sure it is just me.  Nothing is worth the anxiety attacks that come on when I'm in a store filled with people.
While I support the campaign to shop locally, I find myself doing more and more shopping online.
I can still support locally owned businesses who have websites.
Oliver's Candy, for example, makes it very easy to shop from home. Two of our Snack Shop vendors also allow me to shop at home.  Kutter's Cheese , and Scratch Baking .  I know there are more.