Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Knee, Week 2

Tuesday, Nov. 30
Our old friend, the wind, is back again. This time coming from the east.  Doesn't really matter, it still howls by my window.
If there are any leaves left on the trees then this wind and rain will certainly take care of them.  Tis' the season, I guess.
Yesterday was the second of the three shots I will have in my left knee.  
I managed to get through Monday as if it were just another day.  I finished December's newsletter and took it to the office to be printed; opened the shop and did my shift from 9am to Noon; grabbed a quick lunch; conducted November's book/movie discussion; then waited for favorite daughter to pick me up to take me to the doctor's office.
The wait to be called was minimal.  I walked into the treatment room sure that I could take whatever was going to happen. After all, I sailed through the first one, didn't I?
The treatment room was empty except for the sports stuff on the walls and SRINGE.  It looked as if it were a foot long.  I should have concentrated on the pictures and not on the length of that damn needle.

"Just relax your knee.  Pretend you are alone on a deserted island and dangling your foot in the water."

"Easy for you to say", I thought.
Okay, so I tried to relax.  I remember thinking that if I were on a deserted island, alone, I wouldn't be too relaxed.  But, why argue the point with someone with a sharp instrument in their hand.
This week there was no numbing of the knee.  The needle went in S L O W L Y and, I'll admit that there was pain.  How do you relax when that sharp mile long needle is trying to penetrate the knee cap?  Okay, I'm stretching it a bit.  It wasn't that long, but it did hurt. 
The entire ordeal lasted less than five minutes.  Our total time in the office was less than a half hour.
By the time we got back to the car I felt fine. 
That is good and bad.  It is difficult to stick to the discipline of staying off the knee when one feels fine.
But, I know that playing by the rules has benefits.  I am not experiencing any of the side effects that could happen. 
Next week will be the last of the three shots for the left knee.  When I compare the two knees, I can see the difference. The left knee has no swelling or pain.  The right knee is jealous!  I swear there is more pain in the right knee since we started this procedure.  I think it wants it's turn.  That will happen all in good time.
Would I recommend this?  You bet I would.  It offers relief.  It is buying time until replacement is the only option. 
Today, I plan on getting things done. I have minutes to write for both our executive board meeting and our residents' council meeting.
When those are done, I'll celebrate with a good cup of coffee because this is my last month as secretary of the board and council.

Next on the to-do list is to organize the mountain of paper I have around my desk. 
Then it will be time to do the end of month reports for The Snack Shop.  I've had babies that didn't take as long to arrive as it does to get this chore done each month.  Shop and Stock will have all the bills, receipts, and other paperwork.  I'm always surprised when everything comes out right. 
With all that completed, our little shop will be ready for December.  If you are ever in the neighborhood, stop by and say hello.