Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Beauty of Western New York

The wind is still howling, but the sun is out. 
The storm gave us a white blanket of snow, it is melting fast.
My friend, Barb from Sunbury, Ohio, is visiting family on this holiday weekend.
She is doing the entire WNY thing.  Shoveling out her car, going to the Bills' game tomorrow, lunches, and plenty of laughs - did I mention shoveling?
As a talented artist (she teaches) she has a great eye for composition.  Barb gave me permission to post her observations from HER window.

Courtesey of Barb Porter
Another friend with whom I had the pleasure of having lunch yesterday got into the spirit of the snowy afternoon and decided the best way to have a childhood memory was to have a snowball fight with his aunt!  Mike is visiting from Louisville, KY. This storm started while Mike, his mom and I were having lunch.  He wanted to have a snowball fight in the parking lot of the restaurant, but we restrained him.
Courtesy of Michael J. Assenato
Note that Aunt Brenda was dressed for the occasion, Mike, not so much.
Do you ever wonder why the first snow makes us giddy?  That is the only word I can describe the reaction of people as they watched the storm yesterday.