Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Knee & Me

I've learned that "a normal knee glides smoothly because cartilage covers the ends of the bones that form joints. Osteoarthritis of knee damages this cartilage, progressively wearing it away. The ends of the bones become rough like sandpaper. This damaged cartilage can cause the joint to "stick" or lock and your knee may get painful, stiff and lose range of motion."

That's me!

I had steroid shots but the last shots lasted less than 5 weeks. I went back to the doctor and the decision was made to try gel injections that will form a cushion between the knee joints.

Today, I received the first of three shots. Fluid was removed from the left knee and the gel injected.

It is the consistancy of a heavy cooking oil. Over the next 48 hours this liquid will set and begin to build the cushion.

At the risk of sounding like a real worry wart, I am not sure exactly what to expect. I'm not experiencing any of the reactions that I read about. No heat, no pain, no swelling. Nothing! The knee is just there acting as if nothing went on. I guess I come from the school of "no pain, no gain".

So, I'll wait out the 48 hours of babying myself. I'll stay off it as much as I can and see what happens.

The original plan was to do the left knee first and then start the same three week series with the right.

Now that I know the procedure, I think I'll ask them to do both together. That way I'll be done just before Christmas.

If this offers any relief I'll be happy. What I'm not happy about is that these injections only last about six months and then we do it again