Monday, November 22, 2010

The Buffalo Bills Take the Bengals. Wheeeehoooooo!

Sunday morning came way too fast and sped like a locomotive to 1pm kick off time.
The Snack Shop sponsors the tailgate party in the community room.  Consequently, I have to be there at kick off in order to learn how many people are watching the game and how much pizza and wings to order for half time.  Die hard fans will show up every week, but when the outlook is dismal, the number of people coming for the game drops.  Food seems to be the key to getting people out of their apartments and to the game.  After trailing by 21 in the first half, the folks were ready to turn their attention to the food. It was going to be another same old game.

The second half was a different story.  You would think, from the whooping and hollering coming from the community room, that we were watching the Bills playing in the Super Bowl. 
The change in the dynamics of the room was incredible.

Suffice to say that the Bills outscored the Bengals 35-0 in the second half and won the game 49-31.  Life, as we know it, was good at 400 Towers.  The crowd, dressed in their Bills' colors left with big smiles on their faces.