Friday, November 26, 2010

The First Real Snow

I'm sitting at my window looking at a clear parking lot, dry streets, and listening to the howl of the wind.
It is, indeed, an ill wind blowing.  The forecast calls for lake effect snow this afternoon and into the evening.  So far, I'm only seeing a stray flake of snow falling. 
The storm isn't suppose to hit until later this afternoon.  By then, I'll be back home from lunch with a friend and his mom.  It should be fun.  I haven't seen Mike since his visit from Kentucky last year about this time.
Tonight, if this storm hits, my windows will take on the dressings of the season.  Which is fine.  It is time for snow and the slower pace of winter.

Shop and Stock had the foresight to replenish The Snack Shop shelves with soups.  Tomorrow, our folks can come in and pick up one of five different soups we have available.  I have a feeling they will go fast. 
There is something about the first real snow that brings out the kid in all of us.  The temptation to run out and make a snow angel or a jaunty snowman is hard to resist.
Anticipation is half the fun of the first real snow.  It is the topic of conversation on my FaceBook page; on ;  in our community room; and just in passing. 
Tomorrow, I'll let you know if all the excitement really translated to a real snow event.