Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Are You the Trombone House?

Three of my four sons were in our public school's music program. 
Among the instruments they played, was the trombone. 
The first trombone belonged to my uncle and was gifted to my oldest son.  His brothers played trombones as well as tuba, sousaphone, contrabass and the baritone.  You could say we cornered the market on the bottom of the band.
One day, a man came to the house and asked if he had found the "trombone house".  It seems he wanted to sell a trombone and someone directed him to us. 
The boys were part of the local production of Music Man.  They, along with fellow band members, were able to really play the instruments in the boys' band. 
All of this is just a prelude to the video of the Ambassadors of Harmony-2009 International Barbershop Chorus Champions.