Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year

2010 ended with friends.  The celebration began with an early supper with 45 friends and neighbors. 
Later, about 10 of us got together to ring in the new year.  As usual, there was way too much food; a lot of laughs; and best wishes for a great 2011.  Will it be?  I hope so.

Today is 'leftover' day.  There will be another supper this evening consisting of the leftovers from the big party last night and later in the evening, the smaller group will follow suit.  It all has to go because we will be getting together on Sunday afternoon for our Buffalo Bills' tailgate.  I've no clue what we'll have for tailgate.  I guess I better give it some thought today and head to the store first thing tomorrow morning.  New Year's fare is a hard act to follow. 

The new year, one friend suggested, means that resolutions MUST be made.  I don't agree.  I do believe that one goal should be set for each week.  Write it on the calendar.  Make it part of the to do list.  Then strive to reach that goal by the end of the week.  It is easier to make life changes in small segments.  At least for me it is.  There are no monumental resolutions forthcoming from me.  

"Change the things you can, and change your attitude about the things you can't".  Not very profound but certainly a good way to start the new year. 

Wishing you a very successful and healthy new year.