Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Third Annual Oven Mitt Tournament and Other Events

Can spring be far behind if horseshoe tournaments are scheduled.
No, I don't pitch horseshoes, but I do keep score.
The Oven Mitt Tournament, coming up this Sunday, is as much about good times with friends as it is about pitching horseshoes.
The entire event takes place outdoors.  Hot dogs are grilled, there will be a  big pot of chili and assorted dishes brought to share.
Each participant is asked wear an oven mitt when they pitch.  That is the major clue that this is more fun than a sanctioned event. 
The organizers do things like this all year long.  Another fun event is the pajama party.  Yep, everyone playing pitches in pajamas.  Last year's mystery meat tournament featured moose meat. 
Since it is about a two hour trip from here, the weather will be the determining factor on whether folks from Genesee Co. will attend.
The first weekend in Feb. is the first real sanctioned tournament.  This is an indoor tournament held near Syracuse.  The indoor tournaments are held the first weekend in February, March, and April.  It attracts quite a few from this area. 
By mid April, the weather will break so that outdoor tournaments can be scheduled throughout the state.
Wishing all the pitches good luck this season.