Saturday, January 8, 2011

A Busy Weekend

This morning kicks off a very busy weekend.
I open the shop at 9am.  I'll have a new volunteer coming in to learn the ropes.  Her first shift is Monday morning at 9am.  She, her husband and their little tiny dog moved in last weekend.  I'm thrilled that she is volunteering. 
This afternoon, I'll be shopping for the few last items for tomorrow.
We have a new vendor.  She is a cancer survivor (brain tumors) who opened her own mobile kitchen.
I contacted Yvonne after reading about her in,  We hit it off immediately.  She is known as the "cupcake lady".  Her cupcakes are a work of art.  Imagine having a floral box delivered to your house, but instead of roses, you find a dozen beautiful rose cupcakes!  Another cupcake theme is honeycomb.  Each cupcake looks like a honeycomb cell, complete with a bee made from a jellybean.  When all the cupcakes are grouped together, it resembles a honeycomb. 
She not only bakes, but she does catering out of her mobile kitchen.  When I learned that, my game plan changed for Sunday.
The tailgate party for Wild Card Sunday will remain the same.  Roast beef sandwiches, relish tray, and other snacks.  The team meeting will now be catered by Yvonne.  She'll bring chili, salad, corn bread, and dessert and I won't have to cook for the meeting.  There will just be light snacks for the Wii bowling tournament.  When I look at my Sunday schedule, I don't see much room for my Sunday afternoon nap.
I found Yvonne's story so inspirational that I am going to schedule her to give a talk, at the Towers, next month.  We have many cancer survivors and some who are currently being treated.  I think her will to survive is a story that should be told.
Plans are underway for our Valentine's Day celebration.  We will swing and sway to the music of Geoff Clough on Thursday, Feb. 10.  Last year, at our dinner, I was asked to draw the ticket for the 50/50 raffle.  I made a big deal out of rooting around in the jar looking for a "hot" ticket.  There was a lot of good natured teasing when the winner was a man who volunteers in the Snack Shop and who, by coincidence, was sitting next to me at the dinner. 
Our volunteer decorating guru is already decking the halls for Valentine's Day.  She does a great job.
It is almost 8am and my day begins. 
Have a great Saturday.