Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sunday, Sunday - Jan. 16

The Seattle Seahawks are playing Chicago in the early playoff game.  The late game will see the Jets at Foxboro playing the Patriots.  This will be a fun, and busy, day.

Last night, we multitasked.  We turned the tv around so we could watch the late playoff game while playing wii golf.  I think the week caught up to most of us.  We all threw in the towel shortly after the game ended.  All, except for one hardy soul who chose to keep playing alone.  Perhaps he needed that time to think.  One can, at times, do their best thinking when their mind is occupied with something else. 

It worked out well for me.  After I went home, I remembered a few things I'll need for this afternoon.  One phone call to the only person I knew who was still awake took care of that.  I gave him the list of things I need and he can pick them up this morning (if he remembers, this is a senior complex and memories aren't always the best).

Today, the menu for the day is easy.  Ham and cheese on rye (a favorite of the football crowd) and a relish tray for the first game.  The second game, we're having chili, German potato salad, and snacks.  We might be sharing the room with the weekly pot luck supper group.  Last year, they chose to go to another room for their supper while the playoff game was on.  I wonder if they'll stay to watch the game with us this year.

This is mid January.  It is snowing as I write this.  Big lake flakes are swirling by my window.  My view is hardly a Norman Rockwell scene, but it is a slice of small town living.  A few cars are going down the street.  I can see people walking through the parking lot across from the apartment.  They are hardy souls.  It is cold and windy.  Not a great day for walking. 

It could be worse, of course.  The northeast has been battered by massive amounts of snow.  We are far enough inland not to be effected by them.  Our snow, for the most part, comes off Lakes Erie and Ontario.  Unlike the storms to our east that paralyzed three or four states, our lake effect snow doesn't blanket a large area.  Many times, the narrow lake effect bands will only stretch a few miles.  A ten minute drive in either direction will find the roads clear and the sun shining.

I hope you enjoy your Sunday.  It's time to get preparations underway for the day.