Friday, January 21, 2011

The Right Knee & Clumsy Me

When I was a tall, spindly teen, I had a penchant for falling UP the stairs.  The stairway to our second floor was steep and narrow.  The first three steps were curved. I can't count the times I would be bounding up the stairs and slip, landing on my knees.  Quite possibly this was the beginning of the problems I have with them now.
The success I had with the left knee is not repeated with the right. 
The doctor warned me that it might be so.  I really hoped he was wrong.
"It may take six or seven weeks for you to feel relief.", he said.
Six or seven weeks is a long time for an impatient person.  Just in case you didn't know, I am one of those people who wants things done NOW, not weeks later.
But, there is little to do but wait for the pain to subside.
Little did the doctor know about clumsy me.  If he did, he might have looked way beyond the six or seven weeks.
Early last week, I tripped over a small box on the floor.  I went backward, hit my head on the closet door, then reeled forward.  While I know it isn't possible, it felt as if my body went to the left and my right knee headed the other way.  I think I was more aware of the crunchy sound I heard in the right knee than I was of the all over pain.  That came later.
The following day, the top of my right foot was swollen.  My right ankle is swollen as if it was twisted, but there is no pain.  My right knee completes the triple play for swollen parts.
Last night, I hit my right pointer finger on the corner of a piano bench.  It swelled.
So, in the course of a week, I have managed to destroy my right side.
Not finished!  This afternoon, while in the shop, I was restocking the refrigerator.  I moved a stool out of my way and banged the edge of the stool into my right knee.  I jerked up only to hit the top of my head on the refrigerator door.
A maintenance man was just outside the door and came running when he heard me whimpering (yes, I was whimpering). 
"Are you okay?", he asked. "What happen?".
I just stared at him.  Do I really want to admit I did something stupid? 
I hung in there for another hour then finally gave up the ghost.  A friend came by.  I gave her the key to the shop, told her I was closing up and asked her to contact the guy who would replace me so he could get the key from her.
He should have opened 24 minutes ago.  I'm assuming he did since I didn't receive any phone calls.
I guess that means it is safe to take a pain pill, use ice on the knee and just relax.
Happy Friday night.