Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sunday Night

I didn't watch the Pro Bowl.  I did check the score only to see that the NFC is way ahead of the AFC.  Glad I skipped it.

The Euchre tournament was so much fun.  Rosemary tied for seventh place and received $5.  I won the 50/50 and took home $26.
They had quite a crowd to play cards.  Scottsville should be pleased.  It was a well run tournament.

There was an extra added benefit.  I met a fellow Muckdog fan.  We learned that we both sit on the third base side, but never ran into each other.  We plan to make at least one game together this season.

I made it home in time to get in a game of wii bowling and wii golf.

Tomorrow is my last day in the shop.  My hiatus begins Feb. 1.  I'll be away for three months.  Time to clear my head; finish a few projects; and do some traveling.  I'm looking for suggestions for places to visit in the USA.