Monday, January 3, 2011

The Right Knee and Me Week 3

Today was the last of three gel injections in the right knee.  I wish I could say I sailed through it, but I can't. 
I have to thank my friend, Lu, for taking me and being in the waiting room when I came out.  Injections never bother me.   I had to sit and let the nausea settle before I could leave the office.  Lu, bless her soul, waited patiently until I felt I could leave without fainting. 
The target for this shot was the vein.  It was right on target.  The doctor couldn't get it to stop bleeding and at one point even asked if I was on blood thinners.  I'm not. 
So, he wrapped it in gauze and then an Ace bandage which makes my knee look five times bigger than it really is.  It has to be iced tonight to bring down the swelling.
My next appointment is in six weeks (on Valentine's Day, no less) for x-rays to see if the gel is doing what it is suppose to do. 
I think I hoped that the right knee would react the way the left knee did.  But, it seems to want to take a different path.  Not only is the pain still there, but the top of my right foot is swollen too.  I'm told that it is all part of the process.
I have a script for a cane!  A cane?  Sometime on Thursday, I'll be getting a cane.  It will only be for six weeks until my next visit.   It is suppose to help with stability.  We'll see.

Perhaps one of the intriguing elements of a blog is to see where my visitors live.

The United States, of course, is well represented.
In the few short months since I began the blog, visitors came from
Vietnam (25); Slovenia (24); Netherlands and Russia (17 each); Croatia (14);
Germany and France (8 each); Denmark and Canada (5 each); Philipines (4); Great Britain (3) Australia and Isreal (2); Singapore (1).
I can reasonably assume that many of the hits come from Facebook friends; relatives and people with whom I worked at Kodak and LiveWorld.
I can, also, reasonably assume that some are gathering data and watch to see which ads get hits. (if that is the case, then please click on an ad once in a while).
Whoever you are and wherever you are located, welcome. I appreciate the interest.