Saturday, January 1, 2011

From the "You Can't Win" File - Venison Roast

 The You Just Can't Win File
 Remember the story about the venison roast?
Tonight, I got blindsided by a very angry person who lost the love of his life over that story.
It is, of course, all my fault that his love searched out this blog and read it.
Apparently she also gave him a recipe for making the roast. The one, by the way, he used.
He raved over the venison for two days.
It was a good recipe and one he could easily handle.
When she read that he received a recipe from someone else, she broke up with him.
True love has many twists and turns. I guess this is one of them.
No doubt, by tomorrow, the air will clear and they will be back together. He'll go to church and in her words, "act lovey dovey", and all will be good.
I hope so. Once upon a time stories should always end with "...and they lived happily ever after!".